Omega con Ajo – (200 Softgels)

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Omega con Ajo – (200 Softgels)

a) Coronary protector (of the heart). Omega Oil helps purify or purify the blood of malignant substances, as well as reduce triglyceride levels in the body.

b) Omega Oil is an emotional Stabilizer that is considerably associated with the decrease of suffering from depressive disorders.

c) Fat remover: Omega 3 has agents which effectively help to eliminate fat, along with a diet and a high consumption of water. To explain it in simple terms, Omega 3 is a “good fat”, which mixes with bad fats and dissolves together. This results in the elimination of fatty material and consequently, helps to have a lower percentage of fat.

d) Various Functions of Omega 3. It is excellent for cancer treatments in general and also activates the body’s natural lubricating functions; eliminating the “dry eye syndrome”. It helps concentration, to have a better memory and therefore, eliminate the chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s.

e) Improves blood circulation Garlic is rich in vitamin B, an essential compound that reduces homocysteine ​​levels. This substance is responsible for hardening blood vessels and bringing us multiple problems such as thrombosis or coronary artery disease.

f) Good for the liver. Garlic is above all an excellent detoxifier for our body. It helps us purify toxins, eliminate parasites and release heavy metals such as mercury or remnants of medicines that the liver cannot process from the body. Garlic is rich in vitamins A, B and C, very suitable for stimulating liver functions.

g) Good for colds and lung conditions. If every time you catch a cold you end up with a lot of mucous, garlic is very good for you because it decongests and is a good natural antibiotic to treat lung problems.

h) Reduces cholesterol levels. Garlic contains allicin, a substance that takes care of our cardiovascular system. So much so that consuming a natural garlic clove every day can reduce bad cholesterol by 9%, as stated by the Spanish Heart Foundation.

i) Take care of our digestive system. It is not about eating a head of garlic every day. The key is in balance. If we get used to taking garlic as a medicine every morning, in a few days we will notice its benefits. Digestions are much better because garlic stimulates gastric acids and food is properly digested and absorbed.



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