NeuronBion® B-12 Complex

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NeuronBion® B-12 Complex

  • Opens up the appetite, Inmune system healthy, Stress, Boost energy levels, Increases your alertness
  • Important contribution B vitamins, which help the body deal with the effects of Stress and maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Neurobion B12 Complex Citrus Flavor 16oz Opens up the appetite & Inmune system healthy

NeuroBion B12 Complex Each serving of NeuroBion B12 liquid complex delievers the important B vitamins to support overall health and wellbeing. B vitamins help the body handle the effects of stress and keep the immune system healthy. Vitamin B12 works with the other B vitamins synergistically to boost energy levels, promote healthy nervous system and congnitive function. Take 30ml at Breakfast.



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