Gentian Violent – Topical Solution 1%

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Gentian Violet

  • Gentian Violet can be used to treat fungal infections, including fungal skin infections, and oral and vaginal thrush
  • This product can also treat superficial bacterial skin infections such as boils, eczema, leg ulcers
  • It may also be active against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • Gentian Violet can also treat oral hairy leukoplakia (white plaques on the edges of the tongue), which occurs in patients with weakened immune systems
  • It can also be used in blood banks to prevent blood transmission of Chagas disease
  • Can be used as a dye to stain structures in the eye (e.g. during eye surgery)
  • Can be used to prevent infection in the umbilical cord stump in newborns
  • Helps to control some intestinal parasitic worms (e.g. threadworm)
  • Used in labs or school labs as the basis of the Gram stain to detect the presence of Gram-Positive bacteria



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