Extracto Me Vale Madre – Suplemento Alimenticio

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Extracto Me Vale Madre – Suplemento Alimenticio

Me Vale Madre Liquid Extract is an all-natural combination of Herbal ingredients and Vitamins to help nourish and calm a stressed out nervous system. Thanks to it’s concentrated Extract Delivery system, it can have a fast-acting soothing effect. With this proprietary blend of some of Nature’s most used calming herbs, Me Vale Madre has been known to assist in helping to minimize stress related headaches, muscle tension, problems with lack of sleep and to calm and nourish your nervous system.

How to use: Adults dilute 40 drops in a cup of water (cold or hot) up to three times per day.

El Extracto Liquido Me Vale Madre es un suplemento 100% natural para calmar y nutrir un sistema nervioso debilitado por estres. Al usar ingredientes concentrados como Valeriana y Pasiflora en forma de extracto, Me Vale Madre puede actuar rapidamente para calmar su sistema nervioso. Con su formula unica Me Vale Madre a sido usado para ayudar a mejorar Dolres de cabeza por estres, tension nerviosa, dolores musculares, falta de sueno y mucho mas.
Uso Sugerido: Tomar 40 gotas diluidas en un vaso de agua tres veces al dia.


Linden flowers, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm Leaf, Passion flower, Chamomile Flowers, Orange Blossom, Mint Leaves.@generated


Health Concern: Anti-Stress Support Mood Support



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